Monday, June 15, 2009


Ken and I took a fantastical journey to the center of our fine state. It was a welcome car trip, especially as we passed the top of Snoqualmie Pass and the area en route to Wenatchee called Hidden Valley. So picturesque and wide open. I do miss that--how the land opens up before you with no obstacles and the sky & clouds seem bigger than normal. In the hustle bustle of the big city, views like that can seem so foreign.

Our weekend getaway was spent with my elementary school chum Heather, her musical husband Daric and their 2-year-old, Ethan. I visited them down in Phoenix last Mother's Day and they have since relocated to Wenatchee, WA. We are so excited to have them so near. The temps were in the upper 80's/low 90's so this delicate, pregnant flower was wilting a little. But it's almost prime time cherry season and I was hoping to snag some of my favorite fruit from the source. I did come back with some Bings but will have to wait a few more weeks for the Rainiers.

Ken had only met Heather & Daric at our wedding (4 years ago) and of course it was a whirlwind so not much quality time. But on this visit, Daric and Ken got to jam on their guitars, Ken gave a Theremin demonstration, we played and read to their son Ethan who danced, sang & says the most earnest "no" I've ever seen and we got to see Daric play songs from his new CD at a local eatery. Heather & Daric also told us stories about parenthood which we intently absorbed.

Ken and I stayed at a very cute B&B called Huckleberry Haven. It is the most darling place and the hosts provide excellent hospitality and meals. True to it's name, huckleberries are featured in many of the breakfast dishes and beverages served. The huckleberry bread was our favorite and she gave me the recipe. Of course, I have a thing about 99.99999999999999999999% of the beds in this world: they are not mine and therefore I cannot have very restful sleep because I am so spoiled and unadaptable in my old age. But the private 2-person jacuzzi tub, sitting room and beautifully decorated suite were fabulous and the second night was an improvement.

We look forward to seeing them in Wenatchee again--probably post-wetus delivery.

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