Thursday, June 11, 2009

Media NOT Recommended for Pregnancy

Then there's the stuff one should stay away from during pregnancy--and I'm not talking sushi, coffee, lunch meat or blue cheese.

Here are some major offenders:

Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy
Probably the worst book I've encountered regarding pregnancy. Tone is snarky and shallow. I guess the woman who wrote this is a former Playboy Playmate--which may explain the unshakable fixation on appearance and how pregnancy/childbirth affects a swinging gal's mojo. There are a lot of humor books on the topic of pregnancy and a few are listed in my former post. This is in no way "humorous"; it vacillates simultaneously between annoying and sad.

The Fly 2 (first 10 minutes especially)
One of our friends said not just pregnant women but everyone should be warned against this movie. I thought this was a descent movie but the first scene is very horrific if you are pregnant or ever thinking about becoming so.

Battlestar Galactica Episode "The Farm"
From my favorite TV show comes a disturbing episode that showcases the cylons desire to cross-breed with humans and their mechanisms to accomplish that. Makes you think twice about what we do to animals/livestock in the name of science.

Any of the "Alien" movies
One of the best sci-fi story lines ever but does not mix well with pregnancy. Technically this doesn't have anything to do with pregnancy, but NOW the idea of a creature bursting out of your chest/abdomen area--yeah not so cool.

Star Trek 2009 (just the first 10 minutes)
I'm a big ole nerd & I love me some Trek. Wasn't totally on board with Sylar, I mean New Spock but grew to accept it. However, the very first scene involving Kirk's parents and the evacuation of his mom whilst in-labor to an escape pod while his dad stayed on the bridge to detonate the ship manually--I was inconsolably bawling. Surprised the hell out of me too. Hello hormones.

Supernatural, pilot episode
This is probably one of the most frightening TV episodes I've ever seen, ranking right up there with "Home" from the X-files (back when it was good). The flashback scene in the first 15 minutes is so surprising and bloody, describing it doesn't do it justice. There are summaries of the episode online and I was going to link to one but when you see it written out, it doesn't seem that bad. But trust me, don't watch this if you're pregnant or just had a baby.

Overall, I find myself becoming really sensitive to violence in movies and TV now. I don't have the immunity to it that I once did. Also I find myself sort of weepy at the oddest things: pictures of puppies, sentimental music and don't even get me started on the movie UP. Be warned.


Mamymamamom said...

I am with you on sensitivity to violence-now that I'm a mom. I loved Star Trek but I agree that the birth scene was harrowing.

I remember watching "My Dog Skip" while pregnant with #1 and bawling and crying "Stupid hormones!"

Melanie said...

I believe the channel TLC should be banned during pregnancy. Also, any Dateline specials about particularly heartbreaking child-related issues. And world news about atrocities against children.