Sunday, April 05, 2009

Understanding the Economic Crisis 101

I know it's looking like once I announced being pregnant, it's all I'm going to talk about now, right?

Hmph. In my spare time I listen to a lot of podcasts and a good number of them are about economics & finance. I wrote in September about my interest in the topic and gave one link to a podcast I really liked. I have found several This American Life podcasts to be excellent primers to the problems the global economy is facing, explained in a way that normal folk can understand. The hyperlinks take you to the page you can listen to the streaming files for free or download the MP3 for $.95 each. It's worth your time and you can dazzle your friends and co-workers with your new found mastery of the subject.

The Giant Pool of Money* 5/9/08
(Housing market crisis)

Another Frightening Show About the Economy 10/3/08
(Credit market crisis)

Bad Bank 2/27/09
(How do Banks work and why they are in trouble)

Scenes From a Recession 3/27/09
A fascinating look at the affect the housing, credit & banking crisis has had in the lives of everyday people. Within this episode is a story about the failure and take over of the Clark County bank in my hometown of Vancouver, WA. Billed as "what it really looks like when a bank fails and is taken over by the FDIC."

*This particular episode was just awarded a Peabody Award for 2008.

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