Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello Wetus

Here we are at 18 weeks. It's pretty amazing to think about how much time has gone by. I can feel the early movements of our baby and it is an amazing tickly feeling from the inside. We have nicknamed our unborn child "The Wetus" because one night I was reading to Ken from a pregnancy book and the phrase "weight of the fetus" came up. I was so tired that I just said "...the wetus..." and we both knew that was its name. We have great fun talking about what the Wetus likes or dislikes. Ken regularly sings to the Wetus before bed. People have cautioned us that the name may stick if we use it long enough but since we're not going to find out what gender the baby is, we need to call it something. Today we had our second trimester ultrasound. This is the one where they measure EVERYTHING. While my apprehension going into this ultrasound was considerably lower than last time, that all changed once we were introduced to our sonogram technician who was an intern. I'm all for learning but it took an hour to do something that probably would have taken a practiced technician half that time. The Wetus was not cooperating and moving all over the place, granted, but she was really pushing hard on my tummy and it got a little fatiguing after awhile. But all in all, we got a good report and some more time looking at the baby. It's pretty amazing to see how active it is in there and to realize I feel very little of it at this stage. I know that will change.


Tracy said...

Look at how CUTE you are!!! I am so exited for you both.

Danny V. said...

You look great, K! Wow... so exciting. If it's any consolation, a very experienced ultrasound tech had a hard time getting measurements of Hannah too, due to her squirminess. Those Wetus are wiggly little sea monkeys.

We love and miss you!

Amy said...

How wonderful!
Aren't those early "kicks" amazing?