Monday, November 10, 2008

Update on the Basement Flooding Incident

We were lucky. The water seepage was caught before it could do major damage. But we certainly paid for it. I guess I can take heart that we stimulated the economy a little bit and we now have a new p-trap, a new external clean out for the sewer, new carpet pads and a dry basement, but nothing compares to the privilege of seeing the inside of one's sewer pipes.

In the second video, you witness us discovering another potential issue with our sewer connection. At 60 feet out, it's almost 50% blocked by some combination of a misaligned pipe and dirt. This is something we have to watch in the days/months to come. For the time being though, we're okay according to the plumber. (And no his name was not Joe) Though we still need to replace the baseboards in the basement, we'll wait a few weeks on that to make sure everything's still dry.

A note to all of you with older homes, it probably didn't occur to you (like it didn't to us) to scope your sewer line when you first bought it. It costs roughly $300 and it's a really good idea for to have it in the inspection when you buy a house. As I said before, converging storm drains and sewers are no longer code but many older houses still have this set up. If you get a blocked p-trap or another obstruction in your line, you can get sewer water coming in your lowest drain/toilet during a heavy, sustained downpour. I don't even want to imagine that.

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