Friday, November 14, 2008

Does Grey's care about my feelings?

I'm afraid my second favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, is struggling to find itself right now. Last night's episode featured the ghost of Denny making out with Izzie, after the quick & unexplained departure of Erica (because she's a lesbian and ABC can't handle it) all the while Meredith, Derek & friends tried to save a homeless guy who was crushed beyond all recognition in a garbage truck. It's getting pretty nutty right now.

It's driven some people to vent on the Grey's writers' blog...
Rantings of a pissed off viewer.

Posted by: Mylene | November 14, 2008 at 08:30 AM

First of all, I want Mark and Callie not incestuous Mark and Lexie. I also want George and Lexie.

I want George and Izzie to be best friends again.

I want George to have more than 10 seconds of airtime every episode.

I want Sadie to go away and (s)top annoying me and taking his airtime.

I want Lexie and the stupid interns cutting themselves thing to stop right now.

I also want you to post my comments because I am tired of writing every single week just for you to not post any of what I write. It makes me feel like you couldn't care less about my feelings.

And really who wants to watch a show where the creator doesn't care about their feelings?

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