Sunday, September 07, 2008

Twice the Fun on Rock Band

Two of our favorite little 3-year old friends, Owen and Stella, came over for visiting and dinner last night. (And they even brought their parents Tracy & Joe along too.)

We have so much fun with this family and have had the pleasure of seeing the children grow up through their various stages. This was the first time the family had been over to our house not in the context of a larger party or BBQ. Ken and I wondered how fun our house would be to 3-year-olds but I remembered I had a big container of Legos and Star Wars action figures so I pulled those out. Believe it or not though, the carpeted stairs to the basement were an unexpected big hit too. It was good times.

But the best part was when we turned on the Wii and played a little Rock Band. The kids really wanted to sing, so I turned to Tracy and said, "Can the kids read?" Uproarious laughter proceeded by, "Kali they're only 3..." (What do I know?) So Tracy would sing and Owen would repeat. Everyone seemed to have a great time and to think only a few years ago this kind of game/entertainment didn't exist. How we've suffered until now.

Owen Sings!

Stella blew us out of the water with her wicked drum solo and Owen tried to eat the microphone...

Adding to the excitement of the night, we survived an attack of a Giant Moth.

Ken gave Owen some Guitar Lessons while Stella did what she does best.


Tracy said...

now who are those completely adorable kids? ;-)

Finally Italy 2010 said...

My fave part of the first vid is at the very end, where Stellie looks @ Owie with that grimacy imp face as his little voice break dances liberally around the melody...