Monday, September 01, 2008

Murrow College

While I mentioned earlier that the Murrow School of Communication would become the Murrow College of Communication, it did not take effect until July 1st. So we finally celebrated it last Thursday when members of the staff and alumni got together at KING TV. It was also the night of Obama's acceptance speech and like the historic democratic party candidate, we cheered the beginning of our new status and took responsibility for our increased influence over the constituency of Comm grads and grads-to-be. (Pushing it for the metaphor, aren't I?) No event like this is complete without food (& drinking). While buffet appetizers were served at KING, we moved on to Tutta Bella for Italian gourmet pizza. Glenn Johnson was impressed by the various toppings. There was no pepperoni or Canadian bacon in sight. We thought it would be nice for the Eastsiders to get out and live a little.

And while I was responsible for planning this little gathering, I wished I would have used Evite. It can be a little challenging to get everyone coordinated but even though we exceeded our head count, everyone brought cash just like I asked them. See, Communication majors, they can follow (some) direction. I would also like to say that it is always a pleasure to spend time with my fellow alumni. Not since this crazy weekend in '06 have I had the pleasure to sit and chit-chat with Karen, Marcus, Scott, Jamie & Pat all together. I also found out that several of those folks are readers of this very blog, which warms my heart in a special way. I also met some other Murrow alumni who graduated after me who I look forward to hanging out with again at the next Murrow event.

Afterwards more partying at the Two Bells with special guest star, Sean Mantooth. He was in town coincidentally to work at the Penny Arcade Convention for his company.

More pics from that night...

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