Thursday, August 21, 2008

Musical Taste--Prerequisite for Relationship

Have you ever dated or married someone who simply does not share your taste in music? While this is not an issue for Ken and I, I've been in relationships where I've been ridiculed for my musical taste. Remember when it was a rite of acceptance for people to scan your CD collection and judge you based on what you had in there? You were either the right or wrong sort of person if you had Pearl Jam's Live in Atlanta 3-disk set.

Naturally, there are lots of issues you can attribute to the success or demise of relationships: religion, political leanings, desire for children, philosophy on recycling--but musical taste can be an unspoken deal breaker because it can so succinctly reflect your ideals, attitudes and lifestyle. I am happy to report that while Ken adores bands like Genesis, Rush & Talking Heads, he also has a healthy respect for Depeche Mode which to me is the platinum standard for a musical canon. He may not share this exact view but as a musician himself, he acknowledges that everyone has their own way to express and appreciate music. I like that a lot.

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