Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Memorable Waller Birthday

UPDATE 8/19: I've decided to replace YouTube with Vimeo as the video service for this blog entry. It seems to perform better. Thoughts?


We generally assume that whatever the Wallers put their mind to, enchantment and delight is bound to be the by-product. So it should come as no surprise that when we celebrated Mika's birthday on Friday, we drank, danced and reveled in poetry (literally and figuratively).

The party started with the adults learning how to mix some of the most popular bar drinks: the Cosmo, the Mojito & the Trash Can. I learned that bartenders don't measure alcohol by shots but rather by counting as they pour. So they might put a five count of vodka into a Cosmo for example. With a 4-count equaling an ounce of alcohol, you can calculate how much liquor goes into any one drink. We also got to learn the fine art of muddling mint and lime. It was great fun and being a light-weight myself when it comes to drinking, I pulled back on the counts of vodka & triple sec for my mojito but it messed up the mixture and made it super limey--more practice needed I guess. Here is our guest teacher showing us how to make mojitos.

Once the adults had enough "liquid courage," we moved on to the physical activity part of the night and learned a hip-hop dance routine. Our friend Jim Lizzi a former hip-hop/aerobics instructor was coincidentally visiting us the same weekend as Mika's party and agreed to make up a special routine and teach it to the group. Jim was a great sport and everyone seemed to be in a dancing mood.

The surprise of the night came when Jeremy Richards performed an original poetry composition entitled TS Eliot's Lost Hip Hop Poem. It is absolutely sublime. See it in night vision below. (There is some strong language, just a few words, be warned.)

Watch him perform it at the 2002 National Poetry Slam HERE.

Glad to have been on hand to celebrate Mr. Mika, converse with such cool people and participate in some unique experiences. Great job to Sarah for organizing and again, Happy Birthday Mika!

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