Friday, August 31, 2007

Left Alone All Day, No Supervision

It was high-time for a day off and what better way to turn a 3-day "end-of-summer holiday weekend" into a 4-day "sugar-fueled insanity dance party"? So what did I do with my day? 1. Discovered Fruity Cheerios as I sauntered down the aisle @ Walgreen's and knew in a heartbeat that they were coming with me. I used to love Froot Loops--in the very rare times I would get to eat them--but they have hydrogenated oils and leave a wallpaper glue-like aftertaste so I had to give them up. But now Cheerios has answered the call and they are DELICIOUS. Behold.

2. Received a long-overdue massage from my masseuse, Melissa Samuels. I'm Type A and tightly wound. Definitely needed that.

3. Had a vision during my massage. But it was not the answer to why we exist. It was not the secret to inner peace. And it was not the winning numbers for Mega Millions ($330Mil Jackpot). It was: we need a stone pagoda for the garden. Immediately. And here it is.

4. Spent more time on Facebook than I'd like to admit. When I signed up (yesterday), I wasn't going to be all crazy about social networking. I just wanted to see what all the hubbub is about. But I find it bewitchingly addictive. Damn you, Facebook! 5. Disdained University of Washington. Evidently they feel that Ken is someone who would like UW Address Labels. I can only guess that his name landed on their list because he ran once in their Dawg Dash. We'll allow the shirt from the run but no address labels, they imply support and we can't have that. 6. Pondered the mess at KUOW. More about that later. 7. Decided to cook dinner, for once.

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Anonymous said...

Before you get excited about Fruity Cheerios, you might want to check out this post on the Weighty Matters Blog:

American Heart Association loves sugar and butylated hydroxytoluene