Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sabbatical ends, Back to work!

It's been an enlightening and much needed 38 days off. And now it's over.

By the numbers:
1 Funeral
2 Lost Pedometers
3 Scheduled Massages
4 Dinners out: Qube, Metropolitan Grill, Kabul & Icon Grill
5 Hours spent fussing with the sprinkler configuration in the backyard

I also spent time writing and of course traveling to the East Coast. But more than anything, I had the chance to get some perspective and hit the reset button. I think it's only natural that if you've worked in one place long enough, you start to carry around frustrations or hurts that happen to you over the years. It can start to weigh you down and affect your attitude. And that's what happened to me. No single event was catastrophic but as a collective, the injustice of it all started to take it's toll.
So the most important thing I did these last few weeks is shake free of this sticky ball of issues, amassed over the past 8 years. It's like I got to start again but this time, while my job is a part of me--it's not all of me. I now have other things to focus on and accomplish in life too. I return to my job with the aim of recommitting while not losing myself and at the same time, working with integrity while letting bygones be bygones.

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