Monday, April 02, 2007

Into the Rain Forest

Last weekend we ventured to Lake Quinault (not pictured in any of the blog photos--it's shy) on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State in the temperate rain forest. This is aptly named Lake Quinault Lodge where we stayed.
Here are the Vaslows readying for a sojourn into the rain forest. Dan took lots of pictures and Jill made sure we had plenty of snacks. It was an unexpectedly nice day and we couldn't believe we got so lucky!

Beware of Cougars in the Rain forest.

Ken finds out the trees are alive!

A 3-petalled forest flower captured with my new 7.1 mega pixel camera. Very nice!

Afternoon entertainment & snacks.

World's Tallest Sitka Spruce Tree (or second tallest, depending on who you ask). Ken is 6' tall so imagine being there...

Hanging out by the Sitka.


Originally designed to be a multi-couple event, we found ourselves traveling to the temperate rain forest of Quinault with just our dear friends Dan & Jill--who are no strangers to shepherding us in the great outdoors. From the get-go, they turned out to be much more prepared--I mean they even remembered to bring hiking boots to the forest. (I don't even know what we were thinking.) Thankfully it was sunny and our tennis shoes sufficed.

The lake lapped the shore in a way I've never heard before. Unchallenged by mechanical noises and the human hubbub of a city, the lake asserted a boldness that I'd never considered a land-locked water body to possess. It was a lake to be taken seriously: still, deep, sapphire blue.

After dinner each night we played games. Pass the Pigs, a sort of "dice" game, tested our skill at "rolling pigs" and point-management. Also, I'm pleased to report that Jill and I cleaned up in 80's Trivia versus our husbands. But Catch Phrase generated the greatest gut-busting hysterics when I tried to say "Low Flying Planes" but all that came out was every other permutation: Plane Fly Low, Low Plane Fly, Fly Plane Low, etc.

All in all, a wonderful time in the woods with none of that messy camping business. Now that's a getaway.

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