Sunday, April 08, 2007

Highlights of Easter Weekend '07

1) Fun with Bunnies After much procrastination, I finally cleaned the floor of our closet and behold a family of dust bunnies. Disgusting, I know. But they've gone to a better place: inside the vacuum cleaner. Also, we played Rayman and the Raving Rabbids on our Nintendo Wii for hours. Addictive, hilarious and challenging. The best game on the Wii, if I may say so. Thanks again to the Vaslows for bringing Rayman into our lives. 2) Peeps Easter is not complete without Peeps.
3) Contemplation of religious origins So a pastor and an atheist sit down to discuss the existence of sounds like the start of a bad joke but it really is the basis of a fascinating article in the recent Newsweek called "Is God Real?" I'll detail some of the discussion Ken and I had over lunch about it later. But right now I have to go shower after a long day of Frisbee throwing and walking around Ballard--that is, before the torrential downpour.

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