Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ready? Set? Disaster!

Before Ken starts his new job, he is spending time getting to all those projects that we never seem to have enough time and focus for. One of these very important projects is assembling our winter storm of '06, the need for a kit is real. I got as far as clipping the article out of the paper but Ken is a man on a mission... Behold, the Moore-Sakai Disaster Supplies Kit:

It is supposed to sustain the two of us for 3-5 days with food, water, shelter, warmth, first aid and living comforts. Since we don't go camping, we are starting from scratch. We own none of the standard issue items that most Pacific North Westerners have for recreational use or, in our case, living off the grid among the elements in the backyard. But Ken has remedied this gross oversight and among other things, we now have sleeping bags, a tent, iodine pills and---laxative?

With Ken being in charge of buying all the items, I have no idea what's in the bins. It's like Christmas when I look through them.

But we are now thoroughly stocked. We are prepared! Especially with: Canned corned beef. (I don't even eat that when we're not having a disaster.) Steven Seagal in a ninja mask. And Lactaid, though I don't know how much dairy one consumes when a disaster strikes but still, it's very thoughtful of my dairy-intolerance. All kidding aside, it's very comforting to know that we have this. Next we'll be devising our Disaster Plan (bottom of THIS link), which is all about what actions to take when something happens. Do you have a disaster kit & plan?

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Anonymous said...

No we don't have a Disaster Kit, but I'm really down for a good looting. I miss the days when Seattle had a riot every other week. Let's bring the WTO back! By the way, I now know to loot your place to Lactaid.