Sunday, February 11, 2007

Flashback: Dating

Most every night before we fall asleep, Ken and I thank the universe for all the good things in our lives. Personally, I am so grateful for finding my husband who is a wonderful person, someone who gets me, someone who inspires me, etc. But this gratefulness also includes the relief of not having to participate in the sadistically insane pastime of "dating" any more.
Whilst going through some journals, I found a verbatim record of a phone conversation I had with an ex-boyfriend after newly breaking up with him. Rarely are such gems captured with this much accuracy. Read and enjoy.

Me: "[Name of Ex-B], I found your Jimmy Buffet CD in my Sade Love Deluxe Jewel Box. I remember telling you never to take CDs without asking."

Ex-B: "Mi casa es su casa."

Me: "So a key gave you the right to take anything you wanted?"

Ex-B: "You had the opportunity to take stuff."

Me: "Whatever."

Ex-B: "What will you give me if I find Sade?"

Me: "I'll give you your damn CD back."

Ex-B: "Oh."

Me: "I want you to look in your glove box, your CD car case, in your apartment and in your CD collection. I WANT MY CD BACK!"

Ex-B: "Well I want two years of my life back." -Click-

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