Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Mueller Report and the Crisis of Fairness

Is the Mueller report 'TL;DR' for you (too long; didn't read)? 

Are you wondering what's really in it without any bias/spin? Check out this 6 minute summary from the neutral and authoritative PBS Newshour folks. They did a week-long series of explainers but this is the last day sum up.

Why is this important? When you think about what 'group' you belong to from a neighborhood/school community to a citizen of a country, how much do you care about the integrity and the rules of that group? Does it matter that some people can sidestep rules and still win while others toil and sacrifice yet still lose? Fairness is a fundamental concept that even my kids understand and fight about if there are perceived imbalances. So as Americans, is accountability and integrity still important to us? This report exposes actions that directly challenge our laws (rules) and concept of fairness. It is daring us to do something about it. So the question is: is fairness important to you? And if it is, what are you going to do about it?

Again, at least inform yourself and know what's in the report.

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