Friday, September 23, 2016

'WTF Seattle School District?' Part 2

So what happened since I last posted?

Tuesday: Protest
A considerable showing of parents and community members came out. News crews came out too as well as Seattle School District Reps. It was an impressive show of concern. It also showcased how serious we are about getting a new teacher instead of disrupting our entire school that is already weary from so many transitional issues at the temporary site. 

Media Coverage

Wednesday: School Board Testimony 
This is where I have to take a moment and gush about our parents and teachers. People are allowed during the meeting to sign up for 2 minute slots to talk to the Board about any issue. Over 2/3 of the 25 speakers were Loyal Heights people on this day. Every one of them had thoughtful and detailed speeches. Ranging from a young student to a teacher to many, many concerned parents. Watch it for yourself, it's impressive. THIS LINK starts from where Loyal Heights Speakers begin.

It's also telling that the comments after testimony from the Board Members acknowledge the great groundswell of support that Loyal Heights showed up with. 

Friday: Final Decision
And here we are. At the District, the decisions are being made about staff allotments today and it feels like the community has done everything to make the point and make big noise. So now we wait. Having put faith in the system and in ourselves. We wait.

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