Thursday, January 01, 2015

Best Mobile Game EVER: Hungry Shark Evolution

I once worked in mobile games as a product manager. I was, and still am, the target demographic (female, 30's-40's, smartphone user, casual game player) for most of the games we made.  I really loved bringing games out that I myself would want to play too.

Since having children though, it's been hard to enjoy them. Time is really a factor now so I don't have much room for digital games in my life because of the sheer amount of "time-suckage."

But given my deep, abiding love of sharks, there are certain exceptions that will be made. Just yesterday I made the most wondrous discovery in the final throes of 2014: a gorgeously playable sharky mobile game called Hungry Shark Evolution.

I don't know what I love better, the beautiful graphics and responsive tilt functioning or getting to eat swimmers, cage divers(!) and fisherman as an enthusiastic Hammerhead shark. Oh and the Jellyfish, Angler Fish, Frat guy riding a Great White Shark and giant pissed-off crab can EAT ME--or at least try, B*tches.

I love this game, it came out two years ago (but to be fair, I had just had a baby) and it's made by a studio called Future Games of London--in my favorite international city about my most favorite animal on the planet. What's not to love? Well, I don't love all the interstitial ads, but I will put up with them because the game was free and I love it so much.  I have also seen there are shark finners you can eat for points too.  Oh the possibilities....

Thank you Future Games & Hungry Shark Evolution for making my 2014 "Shark-eriffic" all the way to the very end!

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