Monday, April 07, 2014

Girls Weekend!

First plane ride by myself since the kids were born.  First trip to Sonoma.  First Girl's Weekend in a LONG time.

Is it wrong to have felt so much unbridled glee as I strode through Sea-Tac on Friday with not a care in the world?  Having only traveled with children these last 4 years, I'd forgotten that it doesn't have to suck.  Grab some tacos, sip a Starbucks, wait in peace while checking my phone for Facebook updates.  It can almost be, dare I say, fun?  Suzanne's 40th was the occasion that got us all to Sonoma.  

Beautiful and picturesque as you'd imagine California wine country but not as "commercial" as Napa I was told.  All of us are moms so we savored every minute of it.  Even though it was Suzanne's Birthday, this trip was a gift to us all.  The visit to Ram's Gate Winery was the crown jewel of the weekend.  The grounds, wine and hospitality were unparalleled.  We were taken on a tour of the facility and sampled gourmet dishes paired with appropriate wines. I even bought two wines and had them shipped home.  Good times.

The Sonoma Film Festival was also going on. The East Coast Singla contingent.

Ram's Gate Winery


Private tour and tasting event.  Amazing.

Requisite Selfie

Suzanne, Erin & Brynn

Liz & Jo-jo

The birthday girl and her mom

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