Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Geeks Unite

I'm so excited!  This is a piece I've been wanting to write for a long time and finally I had the chance to bring it to life for ParentMap this month.  It originally started back in October as a short article about how contemporary parents who grew up as geeks in the 80's have spread that love and appreciation to their kids.  But when I pitched it, my editor got super excited about developing it a little more. It now includes how kids/teens now have embraced Geekdom and how it's become such a source of unbridled pride and identity.  I personally think one of the big differences is the Internet.  It's really amazing to see how it's linked people together in a good way. Despite some of the scary aspects of the world wide web there is this ability to assemble your tribe and not feel so alone as a geeky kid if you don't happen to have like-minded individuals in your school or immediate vicinity.

As a bonus, they made my story the cover/feature for the February print issue.  This growing-up geek story is titled "Geek Love" in the magazine.  I'm really proud of it and excited to start 2014 with a bang.
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ruby said...

I'm so proud of you too.
Geek on, daughter!