Friday, January 03, 2014

Our New Years Eve the style of SNL's Stefon

If you're looking for the wildest party this New Year's Eve, look no further than "WAAAAAAA,"  Kirkland's hottest ticket for exhausted parents.  Located in a suburban house outside of Seattle, you'll revel in the magic as you celebrate the most anti-climactic holiday with people who need to be in bed well before Midnight.  It's got everything:

Men in tiaras

Invisible Handcuffs


Japanese Tourists

Miley Cyrus wannabes

Jellybean counting competitions

Fold-away toddler beds, minus the bed

Robert E Lee impersonators

Human kangaroos... 

(What's a human kangaroo?)

You know that thing when you strap a small child to your chest and you hop around...

Also don't miss the Marble Runs,

a Helicopter Flying Contest,

and disorganized family portraits.

You'll be living the dream and in bed by 10 pm.



Bev said...

I'm not only impressed that you spent the evening with your precious cargo, but that you got to bed by 10. HNY!

ruby said...

Wow! What a lot of fun. You guys really know how to party. I love the pics and videos. And I think Stefon not only would approve but would be right there with the action. Kudos to your imaginative hosts.