Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cuz I'm Freeeee--Free Falling

Lest you think this blog has become a catalog of my husband's eccentric exploits because my own life is comparably lame, well you've never simultaneously planned a baby shower and a 4-year-old's birthday party.  Now that's EXTREME.


When I first met my husband Ken in 2003, he admitted he was somewhat of a thrill-seeker.  In fact at the time, he had been looking into switching jobs and moving down to California just so he could take regular hang-gliding lessons.  But then we started dating--and he did not move to California as we all well know

As married life and family life emerged, he shelved plans for high-risk pursuits.  But I knew this was part of his essence and it's also one of the things I admire most: his fearlessness.  But as a risk-assessing, contingency-planning, skeptic, I was very leery about tempting fate.  And yet, just leaving the house everyday is a risk too.  

So earlier this summer, Ken learned of a place down in Shelton, WA that teaches accelerated free-fall/skydiving.  They have you jump out at first with 2 instructors hanging on then as you jump again and again they don't hang on to you but stay very close, then there is only one instructor jumping, then it's just you.  Ken felt very strongly and wanted to do this program but I was initially very resistant given our life at this point in time.   However, I looked into this organization with some extensive internet searches and review reading.  I came to feel somewhat better about the prospect.  

On Saturday, Ken spent all day down in Shelton taking the 5-hour class to learn to jump and then doing his first jump at 7:30 pm.  He loved it but had hoped to do more than one for all that trouble.   So with the weather set to be clear and favorable today, Ken said planned to take today off, go back down there and get a few more jumps in.  Well, he actually did five.  He called me about 1:30 PM after doing his 4th jump and said he could come home right then but he also could do one more jump that would allow him to do some acrobatic stunts.  And I was all, "Really?  Well you better get video of that because you'll want something to show for it.  Consider that a (belated) birthday present from me."

So here it is....

There are also still photos from the jump.  My favorites:

Ken's instructor (Shane), Ken and a guy named Shrik

Long way down.

Back flip tuck

Nice view.

Yay for parachutes!
So he tells me this is it and he's gotten it out of his system...for now.  But all this talking about skydiving has intrigued Sidney who wants to go with her dad when she's 18.  Fantastic (sigh).

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ruby said...

Amazing footage!
Ken, you dare devil.
Can only imagine the exhilaration of doing this.
And Kali, you're still a great cheerleader!
Love, Mom