Monday, May 14, 2012

Intruder-us in the Uterus: 27 weeks

From the moment we explained that there is a baby in my belly, Sidney has sought to emulate it by putting her teddy under her shirt.  Then when little brother started to kick and could be felt by folks on the outside, Sidney would also have her baby kick by shifting it suddenly under her shirt.  Finally she announces that her baby will be born in "two minutes" and asks if my baby can be born just as swiftly.  It's a lot of fun to share this experience with her and see what she makes of it all.  

We have a book called It's Not the Stork which is a primer on how babies are made and all the fun topics that go along with that, appropriately addressed for her age group so she knows some stuff though not everything.  But the concept of how the baby gets out was still a little fuzzy.   The other day, she wanted to see babies being born so Ken rustled up some birth videos on YouTube and they watched it together.  I think at her age, I was also watching birth videos since my mom was a lamaze teacher and I loved it.  The footage left nothing to the imagination but it was as natural as anything else.  Ken said he even learned something because even during Sidney's birth he did not really get on the "business end" to take a close look.  Just a precaution, I forwarded him this link of what to do in case he had to deliver the baby.  Let's hope it never comes to that because that means I will not have any medication.  

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