Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog-bourne empathy

Back in 2003/2004, my boss at the time Mark Donovan of ComScore fame, started a blog.  He was one of the few people I knew who had one at the time and on it he had links to other blogs that he liked.  One of them was run by the now-famous mommy blogger Heather Armstrong.  Heather who was notorious for getting fired from a job because of what she said on her blog went on to Internet fame and notoriety for her design prowess and watchable/readable hijinks with her kids, dog and husband in Salt Lake City as a recovering Mormon in a still-Mormon extended family.  And her writing always packed a punch--especially her missives to her eldest daughter.  Heather was my inspiration to finally start this very blog you are reading.
After getting caught up on all her archived stuff, I began following her life in real time via her blog.  I felt like I knew her and yet it also felt like a show I was watching.  I bore witness to it all: her struggles with depression, her successes for turning a blog into a full-time job that supported her family, her miscarriage, her pregnancy and birth of her second daughter that coincided with Sidney's birth, the featuring on HGTV and interviews on major morning television shows, her campaign for moms in Bangladesh, her amazing marathoning experience and now... the separation from the man who has always been a part of this whirlwind life of hers, her husband.  I don't know why this is such a shock or why it seems so personal to me--I don't even know these people.  But I guess it has to do with the investment and the admiration for making this life she writes about so vividly work.  I think especially as a married person, I don't like to see what appear to be good marriages fail.  And therein lies the rub because no one outside a given marriage can know what makes it good, bad, functional, dysfunctional or otherwise.   And maybe that is what is so disappointing.

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Amy said...

I can relate Kali! There are a few blogs I follow that once in a while really hit home for me. I think part of it, at least for me, is because motherhood can feel isolating at times...I've been surprised by how much I feel like I relate to the emotions of other moms, through what they experience in their marriages, being a mom, careers etc. Have you read Bossypants? Good read.