Saturday, April 03, 2010

Best of Maui 2010

This was our first taste of traveling with Sidney. Overall, not bad but it was a vacation of constant preparation. (I'll write an entry specifically about travel tips and lessons learned.) This trip was about recalibrating our expectations and how to enjoy the little moments with Sidney and each other.

Since we stayed on Pacific Time (3 hours ahead of Hawaii time) we were awake at 4:30am and in bed at 8pm, with Sidney asleep no later than 5pm. Saved a lot of money that way--no dinners out. We stayed at Dad's timeshare program condo with a full kitchen and washer/dryer which was definitely the way to go with bottle prep, Sidney's napping/sleeping schedule and all the laundry we needed to do.

With her lily-white skin, I was terrified of the sun. We kept her slathered in a baby sunscreen, SPF 30+. But I never thought it was enough.

Sidney's first time in a swimming pool. She looks concerned but eventually was okay.

Maui Ocean Center: Totally rad. This is the closest we got to sharks and other sea life. But they had Hammerhead and Tiger Sharks in-residence. Impressive.

Sting Ray

Sidney puts her feet up on the glass.

Ray gets "fresh" with staff diver.

A shark checking me out.

North Shore Maui: Windy! Too dangerous to surf so everyone is just sight-seeing this day.

Sidney makes friends with a big dog.

I hear the Bay Watch Theme swelling...

Hiking around at Iao Valley State Park.

Iao Needle

First time in the ocean--Sidney's not a fan. Too scary and loud. We spent 5 minutes at the beach before heading back to the pool.

Day trip to Lahaina, under the Banyan Tree.

Multi-tasking Daddy @ Cool Cat Cafe--freshest fish served, we saw it get carried in from the boat!

"Aloha, Mahalo!"

My favorite picture from the trip.

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Melanie said...

Love the pictures! She looks like a lil snug bug!