Monday, January 04, 2010

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

Today I resigned from the high-tech job I've been at for 10 years to stay at home and raise our daughter. I am tripping a little nostalgic as I look back over the Aughties (00-09) and realize it was spent entirely at this company.

During my tenure, I worked in 3 different divisions on many different things: like “run-and-gun” field producing, helping keep ABC News streaming on 9/11, managing the first streaming media service on Cingular and getting mobile games off the ground as team member #3. During that time, I survived an earthquake, grew to adore Finland, met & married my husband and became a reluctant expert on "Twilight."

I also met famous people like Jon Stewart, Jeanette Lee and Randal Pinkett.

I flew to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Helsinki, London, Vancouver BC & Toronto for various trade shows, client meetings, event productions and work functions.

And made many great friends throughout the years...

So this kind of decision does not get made lightly. As a person who defined herself by her career prior to motherhood, it didn't seem like an obvious choice to give it all up. But Ken and I talked alot about it during the pregnancy and we both remember when our mothers stayed home with us. The comfort and richness of our childhoods during that time and the desire not to miss anything about Sidney's childhood inspired us.
So if we could make it financially, there was no reason not to. I worked up a budget with only Ken's salary against expenses. I pared it down and pared it down until a realistic lifestyle was maintained but the numbers worked.
It just took so much effort, time and heartache to conceive our baby in the first place that the idea of leaving this child with someone else to raise her, struck me as the ultimate paradox. I realize most people don't have the option and I'm not judging working parents. We are grateful everyday for the chance to do this. But like anything worth doing, it comes with a sacrifice. This blog entry is actually an homage to that.

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