Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Parents need a Warning Label

Allow me to throw out a warning: new parents (less than 4 weeks) should not be allowed to speak to pregnant or potentially pregnant folks. This became very obvious to me as we were receiving guests in Sidney's first few weeks of life. Well-wishers would come over with food and eagerness to see our spawn but naturally we were dazed and sleep deprived. I was lucky to string a sentence together and hold my fragile hormone-addled emotions in check. That alone should immediately disqualify a person for parenthood evangelism and giving advice because invariably our pregnant or potentially pregnant friends would ask us what was the "best thing" or "most magical thing" about being a new parent. Ken and I would look at each other blankly, struggling for an honest yet positive answer. At that point, the most magical thing about Sidney was how much poop she could generate. But that didn't seem like a good answer.
I'm fraking magical!
So we hope our pregnant friends will forgive us. Because now, oh now, things are quite delightful. We are just a hair shy of 6 weeks and each day we see great changes. The feeding situation has settled down so that the source of her food (formula) and the timing of her eating intervals is predictable. She does not yet sleep through the night or go any longer than 4 hours maximum without eating, but we have high hopes that will happen soon. Her interactivity and eye contact is much increased. She takes in the world with wide-eyed wonder and is on the verge of smiling socially (with cause, not just involuntarily or because of gas). Recognition of who Momma & Daddy are when we are in her field of vision is distinct. She is starting to lift her head up and gain more control over her wildly flailing limbs. It's starting to get really fun AND we can appreciate it. Two very important things.


Unknown said...

Hi Kali and Ken,
Shes a beautiful little girl you two must be so proud I wanted to Thank You for the announcement of Sydney Take Care Sue and Maureen

Ellen said...

Hey Kali and Ken - Congratulations on Sidney's birth! Very cute! She's lucky to have such diligent parents trying to make sure she gets what she needs! If she's got a lot of poop - it can only mean she is being well-fed. Good in - Good out, as they say! Hope to meet her some day soon! Ellen Holbrook eholbrook@gmail.com