Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Week in Review

Nursery prep continued this past week with the Wall Doctor folks installing a drywall ceiling and patching the lath & plaster walls. I expected it to be a lot messier but was pleasantly surprised. A week from now, we'll have the walls, ceiling and trim painted and primed. Crown and chair rail moulding will also be painted and installed. Looking forward to seeing the full transformation. Until then, Ken has been using the empty, echoy room as a Theremin practice space. Ken left mid-week to go down to the Bay Area to do a training for work. On Friday I joined him and it was sort of a Babymoon trial run. Wetus reacted when the pressure changed around takeoff and landing but other than that not too bad. I definitely need to get a small pillow for lumbar support. The way they design those seats, it's like they want you to shrivel up into a little ball. I had a little issue with not feeling like I could get lung-fulls of air when we were at cruising altitude but I rolled up my sweater and placed it behind my upper back which opened my chest/shoulders--much better. We had a delightful visit with Josh & Clover who are also expecting and are about 6 weeks behind us. Unfortunately Clover has not had an easy go of it and has been consistently nauseated thus far. We are all hoping that this will turn the corner now that she's out of the 1st trimester--any day now. Luckily for us, she was feeling well enough to help show us around. Our first stop in Palo Alto was the historic home/garden of Elizabeth Gamble. Quite picturesque and Ken made the most of it. We picked up food at this cool gourmet salad place called Sprout Cafe where everything is organic and you can make highly customized salads. For me, that was akin to walking into a Whole Foods. Like I had gone to my happy place. So awesome. We took our gourmet salads to the Stanford University campus where we ate at picnic tables and watched a lot of bridal parties having their pictures taken. But I can see why they do have pics there. Very striking campus and you can feel the palpable air of high expectations. Josh & Clover met while attending school there and illuminated the many connections to the university and the uprising of Silicon Valley. We passed by the birthplace of HP which is considered the catalyst of putting the Silicon Valley on the map. There is a plaque in the yard of a private residence but it's actually the garage that was "ground zero" for the company. I know, it's nerdy. No visit to California would be complete without a stop at In N Out Burger. It is my second favorite fast food place to Burgerville. Sunday before we left, Josh took us to the local farmer's market that (especially being in California) had the most delicious and exquisite organic strawberries, cherries & peaches I've ever seen. We loaded up and hoped that most of it would make it back to Seattle with us on the plane. It did, though Ken kept wanting to eat the strawberries as we drove home from the airport but even though they were organic, I wanted him to wait until we could get home to wash them. For most people, that might not have been the most exciting trip but it was just my speed, the food, weather & company were great. I do get tired more easily and in warmer weather, I seem to have less energy reserve which is going to be a challenge when we hit the East Coast in 4 weeks. Overall, I was grateful to have some time with my husband, away from our household responsibilities while it it still just the 2 of us. There is more traveling ahead of course but I'm glad we eased into it with this first trip.

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