Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello 2009

We spent our New Year's Eve with our worldly, delightful and (did I mention?) good-looking friends Sean & Shannon. Dining at Ponti for their prix fixe menu kept the choices easy and the conversation flowing. I did question the judgement of serving Monte Cristo dough balls with Huckleberries as dessert--seems like an odd heavy choice. But alas, we got to do what we love best: eat and engage in riveting conversation. But I must confess, Ken and I were in bed by 11pm. Oh the shame! 2008 was a tough year on many levels. To me it represented a sort of coming clean and shedding of unrealistic expectations in the economic and political arenas. Personally it was a year of discovering what is really important to me and letting go…a little. I am really glad that 2009 is here. It’s a clean slate that stretches out like a field of newly fallen snow. No footprints, no dirty slush--just endless possibility to place one foot in front of the other where no one else has stepped yet.
Photo taken from HERE.
Things I’m looking forward to in 2009: 1. The Obama Presidency 2. Depeche Mode’s new album 3. Playing more Rock Band & singing karaoke 4. Finding out who the final Cylon is 5. Eating strawberry ice cream this summer from Empire Ice cream 6. Listening to the “Day and Age” album by The Killers 1000 more times 7. Spending time with my beloved friends, family & husband 8. More blogging, twittering, googling and youtubing 9. Seeing Watchmen & Wolverine 10. Starting a monthly savings plan

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