Thursday, October 30, 2008

WA Polls

One of my favorite polling blogs, fivethirtyeight wrote about our fine state from a polling perspective, giving a very thoughtful rundown of the high drama gubernatorial race and the Burner/Reichert House race. But most notably, he unearthed the a major pet peeve of mine: the mispronunciation of our state's name by McCain and so many others.

"Worshington"--it makes my skin crawl every time.

But he also talks about the Seattle hipsters which you gotta love...
Hipsters. Lots and lots of them. They love Obama. They're educated, they
live in their same-sex households, they donate to Obama at a much higher clip
than most states, and they're going to wear ironic clothing and send in their
permanent absentee ballots for the Democratic candidate for president.

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