Monday, June 02, 2008

Celebrating the Smart Bride

Dancer, school chum and amazing human being, Suzanne, is going to be a June bride. All of us who joined her for a bachelorette party on Saturday had gone to (at least) middle and high school with her. It was really neat because I have known all of these girls for many years. It's not often that we are all together but it was a non-stop riot. Suzanne lamented that she was an "old bride," Heidi corrected her and said no, she was a "smart bride." Indeed, there are a small number of people who are fortunate enough to meet their true spouse at a very young age, but for the rest of us, it's important to have had the chance to spend money on frivolous things, travel, get a career going and figure ourselves out before getting married.

So we could not allow Suzanne to cross over into matrimony without observing and commemorating the event properly. That meant: going out for drinkies, non-stop laughter and scaring street-crossing pedestrians in downtown Portland. Suzanne wore a special hat with veil but was not the only bride when we arrived at Oba's in Portland's ultra-swank Pearl District. Two other bachelorette parties were there too. And no, we didn't see strippers or make her wear a shirt with candy stuck on it. She simply wanted a night out with her friends that she wouldn't forget. In a "let's-reclaim-our-youth-moment", some of us did enormous tequila shots which are now served in glasses the size of candle votive holders--when did that change? Thankfully I am married to a Photoshop expert and he toned down the alarming hue of red that my face becomes when drinking. (Asian Flush) Suzanne showed us some Bollywood moves because we're all doing that at the wedding--cannot wait. And driving/navigating with Heidi and Jeanene was a madcap adventure I'll never forget.

Bachelorette Party

So the next day we all attended her Bridal Shower Brunch. Yeah, everyone was feeling a bit dodgy--especially since most of the gals have young children who wake them at 5 am regardless if mommy has been out drinking 'til midnight. But that's what coffee is for. Lovely shower hosted by Suzy, Jo-jo and their mom. Suzanne made off with some good wedding loot and we got to go to Burgerville before we returned to Seattle. It doesn't get much better than that.

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