Sunday, May 11, 2008

Specs on the Camera

For the broadcast techie reader(s), our new video camera is the Sony High Definition Handycam® Camcorder HDR-CX7.

  • Can record in High Definition but takes a lot of memory for that and YouTube just crushes the video down anyway so I've not yet had occasion to record with HD yet.
  • Records to a Memory Stick (Flash card) as opposed to a camera hard drive or video tape.
  • It's small and almost pocket-sized
  • Good lens with insane zoom capabilities: 10X Optical / 20X Digital Zoom
  • Has Super SteadyShot® optical image stabilization for those of us who have trouble holding still
  • 3.2 Megapixel (Gross) ClearVid™ CMOS Sensor
    1/2.9" ClearVid CMOS Sensor provides stunning detail and clarity with exceptional video (1080 lines of resolution - HD Mode or 530 lines of horizontal resolution - SD Mode) and still image performance (6.1 Megapixel). Unlike traditional CCD Imagers, CMOS Sensors require less power, providing better battery performance.
  • As Ken has demonstrated: Smooth Slow Record
  • Two words: Night Vision

More on & SONY.

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