Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nice Day for a Run

Saturday, the weather decided to act like it was Spring and gave us a temperate day just in time for Ken (and my co-worker Dave) to run a 5K in Volunteer Park. It was a loosely organized race and I say that because they did not use chip timing, the course was erratically plotted and the start was approximate. But it was indeed a lovely day to be a spectator so Dave's wife, Sharon, and I kicked back and enjoyed the scenery until our husbands returned from their rapid traipsing of the entire park. The race was only 2.8 miles instead of the standard 3.1 according to the Garmin watch Ken had on. He was bummed because that drove his average time per mile up. I brought both the still and video cameras with me to capture the fun. I particularly enjoyed the Bubble Man who I have now seen at a few races. He makes amazing bubbles with common household products. I think I even saw him using a dish rack. No joke. (As I am trying to display both digital pics and video in this entry, Blogger does not seem to like my video format and I may be forced to use YouTube instead of the Blogger-flavored video upload.) Yep.

This is Ken's running coach, Richard, who came to cheer Ken on.


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