Tuesday, October 09, 2007

KUOW Pledge Drive

Last year at this time, I complained about how the KUOW Pledge Drive deprives us of our precious NPR goodness while the home team begs for money. As cloying as it is to hear local radio personalities ad-lib anecdotes about why we need to pledge, Ken and I thought about what we could do to end the insanity a little faster.

Our solution: we have volunteered to answer phones for the pledge drive on Saturday, October 13th between 10:30am-2pm. You know when you hear the telephones ringing in the background? Yes, that will be us.

So you local readers who are KUOW listeners, do pledge--you know you want to. And if you can stand waiting until then, call during our shift and you may get Ken or I. Won't that be awesome???

Call 206-543-9595 (local), Toll Free 866-677-5869

You can always just give money online: http://www.kuow.org/.

It all helps get the world back to normal a little faster.

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