Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Double the Fun

Last Thursday, I had the delight of spending the morning with Tracy and her kids, Stella & Owen.
The twins just turned 2-years-old and are they a riot. Not only are their personalities more developed since I last saw them but their comprehension of language is greatly improved. At this point, anything you say will be parroted back and that is enough reason to have a child for the endless entertainment value. "Raise the Roof" & "Hot Pockets" take on entirely new meanings when uttered by a 2-year-old. So does THIS.
Tracy is amazing to watch with the children as she balances letting the "kids be kids" with measured authoritative intervention. I can see how I might be over protective. When we were on the playground, my instinct was to follow right behind the twin I was watching and be right there. But that's not how a child learns the way of the world. So gradually I'd put a more steps between us so I didn't crowd. But it was hard.
Watching the politics of the playground is heavy-heartedly fascinating. It's just a microcosm of adult life: the haves, the have nots and authority figures. Groups of older kids ran around in packs from one piece of playground equipment to another but even as other children (including Stella & Owen) approached them or eagerly watched from the fringes, the older kids made no effort to include them. Tracy told me that sometimes kids be downright brutal about not wanting to play with others by yelling or worse.
Despite the playground politics, the twins seemed to have great fun going down the big slide initially on our laps but eventually by themselves. Stella showed agile skill at climbing the jungle gym. (I wish I had pictures of that but I was too busy climbing up behind her to make sure she didn't fall.) Poor Tracy took one for the team when she slid and fell on some wet grass when running after Owen who took off like he was making a run for the border. She caught him but had to endure wearing and sitting in wet jeans until we got back to the house--Aye!
It was a great day with Tracy and children but I seriously needed a little down time after all that activity. My hat goes off to all you moms of young kids out there.

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