Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Meaning of Grateful

For some reason, the Pacific NW was the lucky recipient of not one but two major catastrophic storm fronts in the last 30 days. While Ken and I were lucky to sustain no property damage or loss of power with this latest one, many of our friends, neighbors and fellow NW citizens were not so fortunate. There is lots being said in the Seattle Times about how dire this has affected the area. Especially with sub-freezing temperatures at night and many with no electricity still after 3 days, people have resorted to bbqing inside or running generators which has now lead to a rash of carbon monoxide poisoning. Aye!

It's always humbling to me to realize how dependant we are on energy and "civilized" life. Even when we went camping with the Vaslows, we had the comfort of a heated cabin and hot showers among many other things. These events are good reminders to be thankful for what conveniences we do enjoy.

Tangent: But there is a form of infrastructure upon which I've become most dependant on as the days pass. It pains me to think of a time before it's existence in my life. So let's take a moment to all thank God and/or the Universe for the Internet.

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